ProCell is not just another cord blood bank. It introduced the know-how in Greece and, through its co-founders' strong research background and orientation, set the scientific standards for stem cell storage in Greece. ProCell was the first to provide Greek families with the option to store their children cord blood in Greece.

ProCell is by far the highest quality cord blood storage solution in Greece, offering isolation by scientists of worldwide reputation, storage within the country, sample preparation within 24 hours and storage in multiple cryovials.

Furthermore, ProCell is constantly trying to fullfil its biotechnology scientific vision and is, at the same time,  financially vivid. Given the above, ProCell evaluates the possibilities of introducing new biotechnology products and establishing national and international partnerships.

Why store at ProCell?
  • ProCell is the first greek cord blood bank and has earned, since March 2004, the trust of thousands of families.
  • ProCell is staffed by scientists of high expertise and worldwide reputation, who ensure the highest level of services at all times.
  • Our lab works on a 365 days per year basis in order to provide stem cell isolation from cord blood within 24 hours from collection.
  • Every stem cell unity is stored in multiple vials (more than 2 at all times), so as for the stem cells to be prepared for future use, in the best possible way.
  • ProCell fully controls the conditions of storage, as the building is used only for the company's activities.
  • ProCell has received accreditation for all distinct procedures regarding cord blood stem cells collection, isolation and storage. Conformance to all standards is at any time controlled and verified.
  • ProCell is fully compliant with both national and European directives, referring to cord blood storage.
  • ProCell is a biotechonology applications organisation and differentiates from business units of large corporations with a wide range of services, who seek cash flows through cord blood storage.
  • Its constant growth and financial stability ensures that ProCell will be viable on the long term. 
  • Cord blood stem cells are stored for exclusive use by the family members, who are the owners of the cells stored.
  • Confidentiality is dealt as an issue of outmost importance. No personal data are revealed to ProCell's partners or any other person. 
  • ProCell does not perform any experiments and its mission is limited to preserving stem cells in the best possible way.